We're surrounded by Artificial Intelligence already!

Artificial intelligence has changed the relationship between technology and people, we have altered our creativity and the very techniques we use to do our daily tasks. Skilled workers want more time to pursue more important work and artificial intelligence allows them to do just that. What most people do not realize is that we're already surrounded by Artificial Intelligence. If you use, email, cellphones, the internet, or drive an automobile with lane detection technology, you are already working with artificial intelligence and may not even know it.

However, for digital workplace AI deployments to succeed, workers must learn how to integrate with this technology. Digital workplaces are not new. Nevertheless, the rapid spread of cloud computing systems, data analytics, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to let software handle an increasing share of labor-intensive office actions. Companies are moving to automate repetitive office tasks with virtual assistants, chat-bots, collaboration software, and other programs. The question is, how well will the present workforce adapt to this new technology?

The future of AI guarantees a new age of disruption and productivity, where individual creativity is enhanced by speed and precision. These can include things like AI helping people to collaborate with machines to resolve complex problems. Like every effective collaboration, this requires great communication, trust, and understanding. AI is a constellation of technology out of machine learning that will help the workforce achieve more fulfilling tasks in their workplace and at home.

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