Police stop a woman from jumping off a bridge with her baby.

Beijing Police Officer Qiao Jinhai rescuing a woman and her child from the edge of a bridge

By Ken Wayne, ArrowRiver.com

Beijing Police Officer Qiao Jinhai prevented a tragedy when he stopped a young woman holding her baby from jumping off the edge of the city’s Guanghua bridge. Footage of the rescue was captured by surveillance cameras.

See the full video of the rescue here.

In the security camera footage Officer Jinhai can be seen parking his police motorcycle near the woman, who was holding her young child in her arms, then slowly approaching her.

Officer Jinhai arrived on scene after people saw the woman holding a young baby and climbing over the rails of the bridge. The officer grab the woman right as she was preparing to jump into the water below. She can be seen in the surveillance video grabbing onto the edge of the bridge, while people rushed in and grabbed the child from her.

According to police, the woman said problems at home had motivated her to attempt the jump.

After being pulled from the bridge the woman was taken to the local police station for questioning.

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