Casey Neistat gets it made his way from Burger King.

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By Ken Wayne,

In a previous story I wrote about Casey Neistat and his reaction to Burger King's cunning media campaign to advertise they're bringing back the funnel cake fries from 2010. At the end of the article I stated “It will be interesting to see what unfolds next and what favorite charity of Casey's Burger King will donate to.” Well, we now have an answer to that question.

Casey Neistate took up Burger Kings offer to DM them and talk about a donation to his favorite charities. In his latest video he said spoke with Burger Kings global chief marketing officer and Casey said he is a “totally cool guy”.

In Casey’s new video, referring to his original video about the Burger King stunt he said:

“My video was sort of me pretending to be upset at Burger King because they used me unsuspectingly as part of their marketing”

“I thought it was brilliant when I made the video. I still think it's brilliant Burger King, but not everyone got the joke”

“I mean I'm pretty sure every person who's a YouTube subscriber every person that commented and every person on Twitter got that it was a joke”

In the original video Casey said he had unwittingly done marketing and promoted Burger King and I thought there was some value in that so maybe they wanted to make this situation right by making a donation to one of his favorite charities. Burger King agrees with Casey.

When Casey spoke with the Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King on the phone they agreed to donate not to one of Casey’s favorite charities but to both of them. Burger King is now donating $25,000 each to the Boys and Girls Club and the make-a-wish Foundation.

The Boys and Girls Club helps kids who don't have anything to do after school or needs some leadership in their life. The make-a-wish Foundation takes children that are very sick and grants them any wish in the world they want.

Casey went on to tell the CMO of his fans “everybody on Twitter and everybody on YouTube was like defending it, is just the joke that it was, and I was like look can we show a little bit of love to like my audience?”

So Burger King additionally offered 5,000 free whopper meals to some of Casey’s fans.

Casey finished up his video by saying “In getting to know them (Burger King) I appreciate their open-mindedness and their candor with this I appreciate that they got the joke, that so many others)... that much of the news media did not get.

So in the end Casey Neistat was able to use his influence to help secure $50,000 in donations to his favorite charities and some free food for many of his followers. Burger King was able to add to their brand and promote their Funnel Cake Fries and the real winners in this whole thing is the children that will benefit from the charitable donations.

All this writing about Burger King has made me a little hungry, I think i’ll run by there and pick up some flame broiled goodness made my way. ;)

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