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Downtown Harriman, Tennessee

Chris Mason
Mayor, City of Harriman
Making It Happen!
The Harriman Industrial Development Board has commercial and
residential properties located in the downtown district of the city. You will
notice that none of the properties have an asking price. The buildings are
being sold "As Is" and require a proposal when making an offer. When
making an offer, you must address the criteria requested in the proposal.

A few of the buildings offer 2nd level housing opportunities and the street
level would all be available to retail, restaurant, antique shops, office
space, commercial use.

Staff will be available to meet with you to discuss your concept and review
the opportunities downtown. We want to ensure that your goals are met.
Thanks for visiting our Prospect 14 website. This website has been created to give you information
about our available properties. There have been a lot of questions about what will happen to the hospital
buildings that are in downtown Harriman. 
For the past few years the City has been actively preparing for this time by reinstalling the Harriman Industrial
Board that was originally formed in the 1960ís, hiring an employee to oversee the maintenance of the properties,
contracting with the KCDC (same firm that worked with Knoxville with revitalization of Market Square) to establish
an Urban Renewal and Revitalization District downtown and a lot of little things such as pole banners and grants
for sidewalk and lighting just off of Roane Street.  
We are in somewhat of a fortunate situation in that we own 14 buildings that are being vacated by the hospital. 
A lot of towns our size continue to struggle with property owners that are non-compliant to the local codes and
ordinances and are unwilling to sell or use the buildings.  By the city working with the Industrial Board they are able to control each piece of
property and SELL rather than auction like a municipality would.  The IDB may set the price for each building and be as aggressive as needed in
order to entice developers to come back to our downtown, once again making our revitalization easier than other places we have visited.
Along with the big hospital building we also have some along Devonia Street as well as several on Roane Street that we will be making available for
purchase on June 22nd.  This will be a day hosted by the Harriman Industrial Board so that any interested parties can walk through each building,
ask questions and talk with people from the Chamber of Commerce, the City, State and the KCDC.  These people will be able to answer questions as to
the history of our area, demographics, details about the Urban Renewal District and other things that we have been working on to make our
downtown vibrant once again.  This day will be the start of a two week process where the IDB will accept letters or requests for use/purchase for
each building.  Some things that the board will consider will be the proposed use as well as price.  We want to be sure that we are attracting and
getting quality buyers for these buildings that will add to and enhance our downtown.
Similar to 123 years ago when the East Tn Land Company marketed and invited buyers to come to Harriman to form our city we too are hoping to
attract interested buyers to come and start the final phase of our downtown revitalization!  These are exciting times, please come out and support us
and be a part of the new Harriman!