Farmer's Market at Riverfront Park
2014 Vendor Application
Please complete application and submit with membership fee and applicable certificates.
Make checks payable to City of Harriman -Farmers Market
Mailed to: Ken Mynatt, 801 Trenton Street Harriman, TN 37748


Phone number:                                                            

Email address:

Are you over 18 years of ages?                              

Do you produce the products you will be selling?

Do you plan to sell each Saturday morning:                              
      If no, how often?      

Do you plan to sell each Wednesday:
      If no, how often?

Please list items you will be bringing to the Market:

Your signature below constitutes agreement and understanding of all Market Rules

Release, Waiver  and Assumption of Risk:
I, the undersigned, am fully aware and understand the potential risks involved with my
participation in the Farmers Market at Riverfront Park in downtown Harriman, TN. Specific
risks include damage to personal property, loss of personal inventory, personal injury or
death. Additional risks include but are not limited to damages due to inclement weather and
other reasonably anticipated risk that accompany participating in this evern. I hereby agree
to assume all risk of injury, damage to persons and property and/or death, and to hold the
City of Harriman and its volunteers, officers, agents or employees harmless from any liability
for any injuries or claim for damage, damage to goods or death that may arise in connection
with my participation in the Market. This hold harmless agreement also pertains to any
actions of negligence by the City of Harriman and its volunteers, officers, agents or
employees which may have caused or contributed to the injury, damage or death. This
agreement shall be binding upon my heirs and dependents as well as me. I participate freely
and voluntarily in this Market and expressly assume all of the risk of the event. I have also
read and agree to abide by all of the rules of the Farmers' Market at Riverfront Park.
Signature of Applicant