As Mayor of Harriman, I believe our city is prepared for growth, with
great business opportunities for the future. We live in an historic city
and enjoy recreational and entertainment amenities. Harriman has a
strong sense of community unity and pride. Citizens are involved in
making a better community. We have a lot of work ahead of us to see
Harriman reach its greatest potential, I look forward to the challenges
ahead, as your mayor we will work together to achieve our goals.
Wayne Best
Mayor, City of Harriman
Please follow link to find information about RFQ for Margrave Drive

Reasons Harriman is the perfrect spot for Entreprneures looking to start a business:

•  Downtown Harriman has available buildings/properties (SOME ON THE MAIN
STREET!) and are asking you to make an offer. Look at website for
more information.

•   Roane State Community College and Tennessee College of Applied Technology
within a few minutes drive, not to mention several other Universities and Colleges
•   Many recreational/outdoor activity locations most within walking distance of ball parks, the
Emory River, Harriman Farmer’s Market, historical sites/homes.

•   Cultural venues such as entertainment at the Princess Theatre, Roane State Community
College and other hot spots around the city.

•   Harriman was voted the “Best City to Live In” by the Roane County News Readers’
Choice awards.

•   Tourism is one of the largest industries for the state of Tennessee. Harriman is located
between two of the most visited tourist attractions in the state; the City of Nashville and
the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Great business clientele resource.

•   There is a low cost of living, business tax incentives through the state, and Harriman is
one of the most welcoming and friendly places to live in the nation.

These are some of the many reasons companies are looking to Harriman to open
businesses and to make it their home.

If you are interested in making Harriman your home to live and/or work, please contact us
for any information you may need.

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